[openstack-dev] [tc][ptl][goals][storyboard] tracking the rocky goals with storyboard

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Fri Jan 12 20:37:42 UTC 2018

Since we are discussing goals for the Rocky cycle, I would like to
propose a change to the way we track progress on the goals.

We've started to see lots and lots of changes to the goal documents,
more than anticipated when we designed the system originally. That
leads to code review churn within the governance repo, and it means
the goal champions have to wait for the TC to review changes before
they have complete tracking information published somewhere. We've
talked about moving the tracking out of git and using an etherpad
or a wiki page, but I propose that we use storyboard.

Specifically, I think we should create 1 story for each goal, and
one task for each project within the goal. We can then use a board
to track progress, with lanes like "New", "Acknowledged", "In
Progress", "Completed", and "Not Applicable". It would be the
responsibility of the goal champion to create the board, story, and
tasks and provide links to the board and story in the goal document
(so we only need 1 edit after the goal is approved). From that point
on, teams and goal champions could collaborate on keeping the board
up to date.

Not all projects are registered in storyboard, yet. Since that
migration is itself a goal under discussion, I think for now we can
just associate all tasks with the governance repository.

It doesn't look like changes to a board trigger any sort of
notifications for the tasks or stories involved, but that's probably
OK. If we really want notifications we can look at adding them as
a feature of Storyboard at the board level.

How does this sound as an approach? Does anyone have any reservations
about using storyboard this way?


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