[openstack-dev] [release][ptl] Improving the process for release marketing

Mike Perez thingee at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 22:16:40 UTC 2017

On 14:33 Sep 26, Anne Bertucio wrote:
> Release marketing is a critical part of sharing what’s new in each release,
> and we want to rework how the marketing community and projects work together
> to make the release communications happen. 
> Having multiple, repetetive demands to summarize "top features" during
> release time can be pestering and having to recollect the information each
> time isn't an effective use of time. Being asked to make polished,
> "press-friendly" messages out of release notes can feel too far outside of
> the PTL's focus areas or skills. At the same time, for technical content
> marketers, attempting to find the key features from release notes, ML posts,
> specs, Roadmap, etc., means interesting features are sometimes overlooked.
> Marketing teams don't have the latest on what features landed and with what
> caveats.
> To address this gap, the Release team and Foundation marketing team propose
> collecting information as part of the release tagging process. Similar to the
> existing (unused) "highlights" field for an individual tag, we will collect
> some text in the deliverable file to provide highlights for the series (about
> 3 items). That text will then be used to build a landing page on
> release.openstack.org that shows the "key features" flagged by PTLs that
> marketing teams should be looking at during release communication times. The
> page will link to the release notes, so marketers can start there to gather
> additional information, eliminating repetitive asks of PTLs. The "pre
> selection" of features means marketers can spend more time diving into
> release note details and less sifting through them.
> To supplement the written information, the marketing community is also going
> to work together to consolidate follow up questions and deliver them in
> "press corps" style (i.e. a single phone call to be asked questions from
> multiple parties vs. multiple phone calls from individuals).
> We will provide more details about the implementation for the highlights page
> when that is ready, but want to gather feedback about both aspects of the
> plan early.

As being someone who participates in building out that page, I  welcome this to
represent highlights from the community itself better.

Mike Perez
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