[openstack-dev] patches for simple typo fixes

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Mon Sep 25 13:42:08 UTC 2017

On 09/25/2017 09:28 AM, Doug Hellmann wrote:
> I'm less concerned with the motivation of someone submitting the
> patches than I am with their effect. Just like the situation we had
> with the bug squash days a year or so ago, if we had a poorly timed
> set of these trivial patches coming in at our feature freeze deadline,
> it would be extremely disruptive. So to me the fact that we're
> seeing them in large batches means we have people who are not fully
> engaged with the community and don't understand the impact they're
> having. My goal is to reach out and try to improve that engagement,
> and try to help them become more fully constructive contributors.

I think that quantifying how big that impact is would be good before
deciding it needs to be a priority to act upon. There are lots of things
that currently swamp our system, and on my back of the envelope math and
spot checking on resources used, these really aren't a big concern.

But it's harder to see that until we really start accounting for CI time
by project / person, and what kinds of things really do consume the system.


Sean Dague

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