[openstack-dev] Contributor Portal PTG Recap

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# Contributor Portal Next Steps

## Landing Page Mock ups
* Current mock up:
* Limited click through mock up:

## Todo
- [ ] thingee: A proposal for the *second level* of what the landing page
- [ ] thingee: Follow up with the Wes and Jimmy at the OpenStack Foundation
for design assistance.

## Communication To The Community
* [Initial
* [Initial full

## Highlights from PTG session
[OpenStack Etherpad](https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/contributor-portal)

### TLDR (big changes from discussion)
* Instead of all team on-boarding documentation living in a central
repository, it will still remain with the individual teams to maintain in
their own repository. General documentation (e.g. git, creating accounts,
gerrit setup, etc) will still live in this central repo. If you choose to
contribute by code for example and you pick a project, it will take you
through our general documentation, then the project’s specific documentation.
    * This could lead to inconsistencies in documentation design? Confusion
    for the reader being sent to different pages?

### General
* We can’t go based off services. Not everything people are contributing
to is a service, so they won't have anything corresponding in the
[service type authority
There might be a field in projects.yaml that can help with this.
    * Remind Thierry on the service type authority repo for
    grouping/mapping project.
    * Videos were considered, but they’re hard to keep up-to-date.
    Previous Documentation PTL Alexandra Settle expressed that even
    screenshots can get out of date real fast. 
    * Generate some kind of crash-course / cheatsheet content for people
    who are used to GitHub but not familiar with Gerrit. Aspiers
    volunteered for this and made this first pass [ethercalc
    * Translation team needs to be included
    * Provide documentation with how to edit the landing page, since the
    source is being hosted on github (there are transition discussions in
    place with the infra team and Jimmy)
    * Help projects with creating their own contributor guides if they
    need to. Think of something like Cookie cutter for setting up the
    scaffolding for a new OpenStack project, but getting projects
    contributor guides going.

### Upstream Institute
Attendees of the session we’re more in favor of projects keeping
their specific documentation owned in their repositories. As learned
from the centralize documentation problem
this is a good move. Upstream institute would then use whatever
general documentation is provided. If people get past that, we could
even suggest on-boarding to one of the [top 5 most wanted

### User Committee
Lauren Sell worked with Melvin and others from the user committee to get their
requirements and perspective on the project. Here's an ether pad:

### Mock Up Feedback
* Having the service types is great, but on the next level it would
be good to express the code name with a description of what the
project does.
* Combine in events OpenStack day, meetups, forum, ptg, etc.
(emphasize on in person thing)

### Bikeshed
* A word that combines code and documentation ("team(s)" was already

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