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Joe Topjian joe at topjian.net
Fri Sep 22 03:37:14 UTC 2017

> Microversions also reared their head in the form of a long discussion
> about how SDK developers and users are consuming microversions at a very
> granular level. This discussion opened many surprised eyes as we learned
> how different SDK platforms deal with microversions, and what exactly are
> the best practices. We agreed that it is generally good for an SDK to
> shield its users from the details of microversions, but to allow power
> users to access them if they care to.

I wanted to add some notes about this.

I wasn't able to attend the PTG but I was delighted that somehow this topic
came up - and it looks like it was a very in-depth conversation, too. The
etherpad notes look to have accurately summarized the difficulty we're
having with microversions in Gophercloud.

Difficult as the problem is, we're not exactly stuck... yet, anyway. As one
of the maintainers of Gophercloud, one thing I wanted to mention is that
there shouldn't be a concern of communication problems or anything of the
sort (ie: why haven't these Gophercloud guys reached out??). While the
discussion of microversions has been going on for almost two months, we
only have, at best, a couple of hours a week to research solutions. If
either we reach a solution or unfortunately come up short, I plan to post
to the api-consumer list with a story of the experience, feedback, and/or a
call for help that we're flat out stuck. At the moment, anything more would
be commentating the sport of virtual whiteboarding :)

On the topic of microversions itself, I'm finding this to be a fun
challenge. I like the core goals of microversions, and given that there
isn't precedence for this type of thing (unless I'm mistaken) makes it more
fun. I do hope that we can implement a solution that enables users of
Gophercloud to easily leverage microversions and do some really cool stuff.
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