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Telles Nobrega tenobreg at redhat.com
Wed Sep 20 14:00:58 UTC 2017

Hello Saharan's and interested folks, this past week we had our PTG at
Denver and it was a very productive one, with so many discussions and too
much to do after that. In the next lines I will describe a little of the
main decisions made by the Sahara team.

Pike Retrospective
We started our PTG with a retrospective from the previous cycle. Since
there were only sahara members on the room and we basically walked through
the good and bads from the cycle.

On the bad side:
 - Losing too many community members
 - First PTL cycle was a little overwhelming
 - We had too much errors not caught by tests
 - We lost our third-party CI
On the good side:
 - Most of our priorities was finished
 - Even with minimum hands we managed to get plugins updated and deliver a
good product
 - We met the documentation in project goal

Alongside the community with the goal of moving documentation into project
tree we were able to move a lot of our documentation into tree with just
details left for Queens cycle.
Also, we plan to do a Documentation day in order to update and improve our

This feature has been around for quite some time and in Pike we had a good
advance in its implementation. We were able to do most of the work needed
for its release but there are a few steps left. Our plan is to finish up
all these steps in Queens and release APIv2 as experimental (at least).

During the Pike cycle we lost our third-party CI. In Queens we need to
gather resources to deploy a new CI as well as improve our CI in infra with
vanilla multinode jobs. We plan to introduce some nightly jobs for more
exhaustive testing with large files.
We are also working on automating the CI deployment with ansible.

Just as Sahara-CI we might be losing our sahara files hosts soon and we
need to remove all references of it from code (which is almost done) and
copy the files for a different source.

Specs cleanup and prioritization
We took some time to review old specs and do a little cleanup of our
queues. On that we moved some specs into backlog and added some new as well
as fixed some typos on older specs.

New features and bugs
We discussed new features and bugs and we have a priority list for the work
we plan to do in Queens and possible for next two cycles. If you are
interested in a deeper look into planned features and bugs take a look at

For Queens there are two community goals. The first one is related to Split
tempest plugin and this was done in Sahara a couple cycles ago. The second
is regarding policy in code which we already have a patch (WIP) up [1] and
should get it done soon.

Thanks all!

[0] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/sahara-queens-ptg
[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/503221/




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