[openstack-dev] [opensatck] [freezer] Looking for a worked intallation guide for freezer

Saad Zaher eng.szaher at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 00:44:09 UTC 2017

Hi Chao,

It's good to hear that you're interested in Freezer project and willing to
contribute. Actually documentation is one of the main topics we are
discussing here in the PTG in Denver with the Documentation team. The
installation guide is almost ready but it's not published anywhere!

Hopefully this will be fixed very soon, we will be working hard to get
installation guide and hopefully dev guide for Freezer

To take a look at the latest installation guide for now, you can clone
freezer and run

           $ tox -r -v -e install-guide

This will build the latest installation guide in install-guide/build/html
inside freezer repo and you can check it out using any internet browser

Regarding Swift, the answer is No, Swift is not needed for freezer to work.
However it's the default storage if you're trying to backup your resources
using freezer-agent.

You can use local, ssh, swift (Also supports ceph using RADOSGW)

If you're attending the PTG we will have a room for Freezer from Wednesday
and Thursday if you got any questions.

Best Regards,

On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 3:35 AM, hanchao at iscas.ac.cn <hanchao at iscas.ac.cn>

> Hello,
> Among the projects in OpenStack, freezer is the rare one who does the data
> backups and disaster recovery. This really attracts me on working on it.
> However, I sufferred several pitfalls during the installation. The
> "installation guide" in the project wiki page shows the installation for
> the mitaka release? However, it did not help much even on a mitaka based
> openstack. I have spent a few days already, but the freezer-api even
> could not be installed and configured correctly. I also followed the guide
> from the official github. The similar result (failure) returns to me... It
> all happens on the "db-sync" or "db-init" steps...
> I wonder is there an up-to-date guide for the service installation
> anywhere? Or specifically for a release, like mitaka, but worked tutorial
> that can lead me to a successful installation?
> Rare detailed information of this project can be found over the Internet.
> Hope anyone who can leave me a hint. I would be very appreciated. :)
> PS: By the way, is the Swift a necessary service to guaranteeing freezer
> working properly?
> Thanks,
> Chao
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