[openstack-dev] [opensatck] [freezer] Looking for a worked intallation guide for freezer

hanchao at iscas.ac.cn hanchao at iscas.ac.cn
Thu Sep 7 09:35:01 UTC 2017


Among the projects in OpenStack, freezer is the rare one who does the data backups and disaster recovery. This really attracts me on working on it.

However, I sufferred several pitfalls during the installation. The "installation guide" in the project wiki page shows the installation for the mitaka release? However, it did not help much even on a mitaka based openstack. I have spent a few days already, but the freezer-api even could not be installed and configured correctly. I also followed the guide from the official github. The similar result (failure) returns to me... It all happens on the "db-sync" or "db-init" steps... 

I wonder is there an up-to-date guide for the service installation anywhere? Or specifically for a release, like mitaka, but worked tutorial that can lead me to a successful installation?
Rare detailed information of this project can be found over the Internet. Hope anyone who can leave me a hint. I would be very appreciated. :)

PS: By the way, is the Swift a necessary service to guaranteeing freezer working properly?


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