[openstack-dev] [ptl][release] Queens release management communications

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Fri Sep 1 17:01:33 UTC 2017

Hello, fellow PTLs,

For those paying attention, yes, this is a shameless plagiarization of
Thierry's email from Pike. If something works well, why change it? :)

Following Thierry and Doug's great examples from past cycles, I want to
start the Queens cycle by making sure the expectations for communications
with the release team are clear to everyone so there is no confusion or
miscommunication about any of the process or deadlines. This email is
being sent to the openstack-dev mailing list as well as the PTLs of all
official OpenStack projects individually, to improve the odds that all of
the PTLs see it. Note that future release-related emails will *not* be CCed
to all individual PTLs.

(If you were a PTL/release liaison last cycle, feel free to skip ahead
to the "things for you to do right now" section at the end.)

The release liaison for your project is responsible for coordinating
with the release management team, validating your team release requests,
and ensuring that the release cycle deadlines are met. If you don't
nominate a release liaison for your project (something I encourage you
to do), this task falls back to the PTL. Note that release liaisons do
not have to be core reviewers.

Please ensure that your liaison has the time and ability to handle the
communication necessary to manage your release: the release team is here
to facilitate, but finishing the release work is ultimately the
responsibility of the project team. Failing to follow through on a
needed process step may block you from successfully meeting deadlines or
releasing. In particular, our release milestones and deadlines are
date-based, not feature-based. When the date passes, so does the
milestone. If you miss it, you miss it. A few of you ran into problems
in past cycles because of missed communications. My goal is to have all
teams meet all deadlines during Queens. If there are any questions, or
anything you need to reach this goal, please ask any time in the
#openstack-release IRC channel or contact me directly.

To ensure smooth coordination, we rely on three primary communication tools:

1. Email, for announcements and asynchronous communication.

The release management team will be using the "[release]" topic tag on
the openstack-dev mailing list for important messages. This includes
weekly countdown emails with details on focus, tasks, and upcoming
dates. As PTL or release liaison, you should ensure that you see and
read those messages (by configuring your mailing list subscription and
email client as needed) so that you are aware of all deadlines, process
changes, etc.

2. IRC, for time-sensitive interactions.

With more than 50 teams involved, the four members of the release team
can't track you each of you down when there is a deadline. We rely on
your daily presence in the #openstack-release IRC channel during
deadline weeks. You are, of course, welcome to stay in channel all the
time, but we need you to be there at least during deadline weeks.

3. Written documentation, for relatively stable information.

The release team has published the schedule for the Queens cycle to
http://releases.openstack.org/queens/schedule.html. Although I will
highlight dates in the countdown emails, you may want to add important
dates from the schedule to your calendar. One way to do that is to
subscribe to the ICS feed for community-wide deadlines:

Note that there are many holidays throughout the cycle. If you are
planning time off, please make sure your duties are being covered by
someone else on the team. It's best to let the release team know in
advance so we don't delay approval for release requests from someone
we don't recognize, waiting for your +1.

Things for you to do right now:

1. Update your release liaison on

2. Make sure your IRC nickname and email address listed in
are correct. The release team, foundation staff, and TC all use those
contact details to try to reach you at important points during the
cycle. Please make sure they are correct, and that the email address
delivers messages to a mailbox you check regularly.

3. Update your mail filters to ensure you see messages sent to the
openstack-dev list with [release] in the subject line.

4. Reply to this message, off-list, to me so I know that you have
received it. A simple “ack” is enough :)

Sean McGinnis (smcginnis)
Release Management PTL

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