[openstack-dev] [puppet][qa][ubuntu][neutron] Xenial Neutron Timeouts

Matthew Treinish mtreinish at kortar.org
Mon Oct 30 21:46:55 UTC 2017

From a quick glance at the logs my guess is that the issue is related to this stack trace in the l3 agent logs:


I'm not sure what's causing it to complain there. But, I'm on a plane right now (which is why this is a top post, sorry) so I can't really dig much more than that. I'll try to take a deeper look at things later when I'm on solid ground. (hopefully someone will beat me to it by then though) 

-Matt Treinish

On October 31, 2017 1:25:55 AM GMT+04:00, Mohammed Naser <mnaser at vexxhost.com> wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I'm looking for some help regarding an issue that we're having with
>the Puppet OpenStack modules, we've had very inconsistent failures in
>the Xenial with the following error:
>    Details: {u'message': u'Unable to associate floating IP
> to fixed IP for instance
>d265626a-77c1-4d2f-8260-46abe548293e. Error: Request to
>timed out', u'code': 400}
>At this point, we're at a bit of a loss.  I've tried my best in order
>to find the root cause however we have not been able to do this.  It
>was persistent enough that we elected to go non-voting for our Xenial
>gates, however, with no fix ahead of us, I feel like this is a waste
>of resources and we need to either fix this or drop CI for Ubuntu.  We
>don't deploy on Ubuntu and most of the developers working on the
>project don't either at this point, so we need a bit of resources.
>If you're a user of Puppet on Xenial, we need your help!  Without any
>resources going to fix this, we'd unfortunately have to drop support
>for Ubuntu because of the lack of resources to maintain it (or
>assistance).  We (Puppet OpenStack team) would be more than happy to
>work together to fix this so pop-in at #puppet-openstack or reply to
>this email and let's get this issue fixed.
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