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Tony Breeds tony at bakeyournoodle.com
Wed Oct 25 22:37:39 UTC 2017

On Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 09:48:06PM +0000, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> On 2017-10-25 12:18:59 -0400 (-0400), Zane Bitter wrote:
> [...]
> > Can we maybe calculate the electorate size using the old method as well so
> > that we can quantify how much of the dropoff (in theory it could be more
> > than 100%) was due to the change in effective eligibility criteria vs.
> > organic change in the number of contributors?
> [...]
> I did a baseline comparison of the old and new methods as they were
> developed, and as of a few days before the most recent PTL elections
> the percentage of "old" TC electorate who lacked discoverable
> foundation member profiles (either because of no matching E-mail
> addresses or lapsed membership due to a failure to vote in board
> elections) was right at 10%. It's likely to have diverged a little since
> that time (my guess is that it won't have moved much), but the
> election officials _should_ be able to produce this number trivially
> since the structured data output by the validation script includes
> all contributors and merely flags the "member" contributors eligible
> to vote by including their discovered OpenStack Foundation
> Individual Member Id numbers.

Yup :)  for the record I replied to Zane before reading you email ...
glad they agree :)

Yours Tony.
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