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Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
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On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 5:48 PM, Emilien Macchi <emilien at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 12:42 PM, Clay Gerrard <clay.gerrard at gmail.com> wrote:
> [...]
>> To candidates:
>> Would you please self select a change (or changes) from
>> https://github.com/openstack/governance/ in the past ~12 mo or so where they
>> thought the outcome or the discussion/process was particular good and
>> explain why you think so?
>> It'd be super helpful to me, thanks!
> The vision exercise was, in my opinion, one of the more exciting
> things we have done in 2017.
> It's not an easy thing to do because of our diverses opinions, but
> together we managed to write something down, propose it to the
> community in the open and make it better afterward (of course this
> will never finish).
> Outcome related, I loved the fact we're thinking outside of the
> OpenStack community and see how we can make OpenStack projects usable
> in environments without all the ecosystem. I also like to see our
> strong efforts to increase diversity in all sorts and our work to
> improve community health.
> Beside the outcome, I loved to see all TC members able to work
> together on this Vision in the open, I hope we can do more of that in
> the future, even outside of the TC (in teams). (ex: doc team had a PTG
> session about visioning as well).
> I hope I answered the question, please let me know if that's not the
> case if you want more details.

I think Emilien here covers a lot of what I personally agreed with,
however, I'd like to add more about the cloud application mission:


As we are delivering fundamental building blocks for applications, we
need to make sure that provide open standards which put into place
best practices in order to consume those resources.  In that
resolution, it introduces some concepts which are quite prevalent in
many other infrastructure cloud components (which generally are not
self-hosted) that are not yet very strong inside OpenStack.

For example, using domains for specific applications, improving policy
support for a more predictable set of ACLs which allows developers to
be more productive and empower them more to automate their

The good thing is quite a few good things have come out of this:

- The OpenStack provider for Kubernetes is getting stronger than even
(and will soon hopefully get gating to improve stability)
- Policy in code has made great process over the past few cycles
(great stepping stone towards more predictable ACLs)

However, I think that we still have quite a bits way to make things
more standardized on this side of things, some projects use
"ResellerAdmin", others picked "_Member_", some went with "member",
others have ACLs that use "creator", some projects have
project-specific role names.  I think that the next step would be to
unify all of those, so that at least the (base) roles are predictable
across clouds.

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