[openstack-dev] [vitrage] Question about vitrage workings.

Afek, Ifat (Nokia - IL/Kfar Sava) ifat.afek at nokia.com
Thu Oct 12 20:52:05 UTC 2017

Hi Paul,

Vitrage is supposed to be automatically updated when a VM is deleted from Nova. There are a few issues I would check in your case.

1.       You said that you were using vitrage 1.3.1. The Newton version of vitrage is 1.3.0, there is no 1.3.1 version. Maybe you meant vitrage-dashboard 1.3.1 (which is the Pike version)? Can you please send me the exact versions of vitrage, vitrage-dashboard and python-vitrageclient?

2.       Please verify that Nova is configured to send notifications to Vitrage. In /etc/nova/nova.conf you should have:

notification_topics = notifications,vitrage_notifications

3.       Is Vitrage automatically updated when a new VM is created?

4.       In addition to receiving notifications, Vitrage queries all of its datasources once in 10 minutes for an updated list of resources. If you wait 10 minutes, is the VM removed from Vitrage?

5.       Do you know the exact time that the VM is removed from Nova? If so, can you please send me the vitrage-graph.log from this time?


From: Paul Vaduva <Paul.Vaduva at enea.com>
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Date: Wednesday, 11 October 2017 at 14:15
To: "OpenStack Development Mailing List (not for usage questions)" <openstack-dev at lists.openstack.org>
Subject: [openstack-dev] [vitrage] Question about vitrage workings.

Hi Vitrage team,

I have a question about vitrage workings. We use vitrage 1.3.1 with openstack newton release.
We have a NFV use case scenario where we get faults to compute nodes or openstack services (e.g. nova) that makes virtual machines running on that host to get lost / removed. We use a combination of alarms and Tacker to respawn a VM but sometimes (e. g. nova-compute service is faulted) we lose contact with the old vm and cannot delete it. When this happens somehow openstack is aware that vm is not in existence anymore (by means of “openstack server list” I mean) but Vitrage is still showing that vm as running.
My question is if there is a way to resynchronize VM state in Vitrage with the state from openstack.

Best Regards,
Paul Vaduva

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