[openstack-dev] [forum] Draft Schedule - Deadline Oct 13 Friday 20:00 UTC

Mike Perez thingee at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 07:51:17 UTC 2017

The OpenStack Forum Committee is pleased to present the draft of our Forum

I can attest that the discussions were pretty intense, as we went 2.5 hours
over our original meeting time. Thanks again to the committee for the patience
and putting in the time to make sure our community is represented in these
decisions. Much love to Tom Fifield who attended the review meeting very late
in his time zone, but still providing excellent opinions with the rest of the

Attached is our draft schedule with links to the various presentations. Ignore
the yellow rows, they're speakers the Forum Topic Committee is working before
before approval. Below is an output of the schedule for email quoting purposes.

You have until Friday, October 13th 20:00UTC to let us know of any

After Oct 13th 20:00 UTC the schedule will be frozen, and the Forum Committee
will be reaching to moderators for confirmation they will be able to moderate
or have someone that will be present and familiar enough to moderate the topic.
As best as the OpenStack Foundation will try, Forum schedules item may move due
to conflicts noticed with the Summit Speakers. If this happens, we will make
sure we communicate with the moderator.

Thanks again for the patience everyone. Please reply to this thread for
correction/conflicts that I can help facilitate.

Session Name                                                  Moderator             Time
Kolla ops feedback session                                    Michał Jastrzębski    11/6 1:30-2:10
OpenStack-Ansible users and ops feedback session              Jean-Philippe Evrard  11/6 1:30-2:10
Ops Guide Transition and Maintenance                          Erik McCormick        11/6 1:30-2:10
Improving Gopher Cloud and OpenStack K8s Provider (sig-k8s)   Chris Hoge            11/6 11:35-12:15
API SIG feedback and discussion session                       Chris Dent            11/6 11:35-12:15
Missing Features and Making Improvements to OpenStack Health  Matthew Treinish      11/6 11:35-12:15
Interop Working Group Community Feedback and Work Session     Chris Hoge            11/6 2:20-3:00
Installation Guides and Tutorials Updates and Testing         Petr Kovar            11/6 2:20-3:00
Horizon User & Operator Feedback                              Ying Zuo              11/6 2:20-3:00
User Survey: Improvements & Analysis                          Jimmy McArthur        11/6 3:10-3:50
Fast-Forward Upgrades                                         Erik McCormick        11/6 3:10-3:50
RBAC/Policy Roadmap Feedback                                  Lance Bragstad        11/6 3:10-3:50
Application Credentials Feedback                              Lance Bragstad        11/6 4:20-5:00
Privsep: what is it and operational impacts                   Michael Still         11/6 4:20-5:00
Protecting Plaintext Passwords in Configuration Files         Dave McCowan          11/6 4:20-5:00
What do operators want from the stable policy?                Tony Breeds           11/6 5:10-5:50
Cinder/Nova Cross Project Session on Multi-Attach             Jay Bryant            11/6 5:10-5:50
OpenLab SDK Initiative                                        Melvin Hillsman       11/6 5:10-5:50
Extreme/Destructive Testing                                   Gautam Divgi          11/7 1:50-2:30
Cloud-Native Design/Refactoring Across OpenStack (Part II)    Pentheus              11/7 1:50-2:30
Supporting General Federation for Large-Scale Collaborations  Craig A. Lee          11/7 1:50-2:30
The State of Test Runners and Moving to stestr                Matthew Treinish      11/7 10:50-11:30
Edge Computing Use Cases and Architecture                     Beth Cohen            11/7 10:50-11:30
SIGs II: to infinity and beyond...                            Thierry Carrez        11/7 10:50-11:30
Making OpenStack more palatable to part-time contributors     Thierry Carrez        11/7 11:40-12:20
openstack-sig-k8s and k8s-sig-openstack collaborations        Chris Hoge            11/7 11:40-12:20
"Documentation and relnotes                                    what do you miss ?"  Sylvain Bauza
Constellation Brainstorming                                   Dean Troyer           11/7 3:20-4:00
Moving tenant workloads transparently across hosts            Matt McEuen           11/7 3:20-4:00
Ops Meetup Team catch-up                                      Erik McCormick        11/7 3:20-4:00
OpenStackClient and Nova API microversions                    Sylvain Bauza         11/7 4:10-4:50
Ceph in OpenStack BoF                                         Blair Bethwaite       11/7 4:10-4:50
Glance: Operators Feedback Session                            Brian Rosmaita        11/7 4:10-4:50
Network Engineer and Data Center Developers Share Ideas       Greg                  11/7 5:00-5:40
Ironic Feedback                                               Julia Kreger          11/7 5:00-5:40
Cinder Block Storage Office Hour                              Jay Bryant            11/7 5:00-5:40
Keystone Operator & User Feedback                             Lance Bragstad        11/7 5:50-6:30
Cells v2 update and direction                                 Matt Riedemann        11/7 5:50-6:30
Trove user feedback                                           Manoj Kumar           11/7 5:50-6:30
Java SDKs                                                     David F Flanders      11/7 9:00-9:40
Self-healing and optimization SIG                             Adam Spiers           11/7 9:00-9:40
Interop Test Library for OpenStack SDKs                       megan                 11/7 9:00-9:40
Users / Operators adoption of QA tools / plugins              Andrea Frittoli       11/7 9:50-10:30
OpenStack Charms user feedback session                        James Page            11/7 9:50-10:30
Zuulv3 Feedback Session                                       Clark Boylan          11/7 9:50-10:30
Placement update and direction                                Matt Riedemann        11/8 1:50-2:30
Designate Ops / End User feedback                             Graham Hayes          11/8 1:50-2:30
Baremetal Scheduling                                          Julia Kreger          11/8 1:50-2:30
Bare metal as a service: Ironic vs. Mogan vs. Nova            Zhenguo Niu           11/8 11:00-11:40
First Contact SIG Formation Discussion                        Zhipeng               11/8 11:00-11:40
"NFV meets cloud                                               virtio                sr-iov
User Committee - Planning activities for next cycle           Edgar Magana          11/8 11:50-12:30
Features missing in OpenStack core for Public Cloud provider  Tobias Rydberg        11/8 11:50-12:30
Watcher users feedback                                        Hidekazu Nakamura     11/8 11:50-12:30
Neutron pain points                                           Miguel Lavalle        11/8 2:40-3:20
Heat ops and users feedback                                   Rico Lin              11/8 2:40-3:20
Nova: Queens roadmap and checkpoint                           Matt Riedemann        11/8 2:40-3:20
Neutron Quality-Of-Service Discussion                         Reedip                11/8 3:30-4:10
"Refstack: OpenStack to OPNFV Vertical                         Integrated            Interop"
Upstream LTS Releases                                         Erik McCormick        11/8 9:00-9:40
Roadmap: User Feedback Gathering                              Anne Bertucio         11/8 9:00-9:40
Hardware in the cloud                                         Stephen Finucane      11/8 9:00-9:40
ETSI NFV Specs’ Requirements vs OpenStack Reality forum       Gergely Csatari       11/8 9:50-10:30
OpenStack Public Cloud Passport Program                       Tobias Rydberg        11/8 9:50-10:30
Multi-cloud management project                                Matt McEuen           11/8 9:50-10:30

Mike Perez
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