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Andrea Frittoli andrea.frittoli at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 17:38:27 UTC 2017

Dear all,

I’d like to announce my candidacy for a seat on the OpenStack Technical

I started my journey on OpenStack in 2011 as a user and operator. I had
little experience contributing to open source at the time; the people and
the values in the OpenStack community soon convinced me I could not simply
sit on the "consumer" side of the fence, and I started contributing to
the QA program. I've been a core contributor for Tempest since 2014 and the
PTL for the QA Program since the Pike cycle.

I attended the 2nd Leadership Training in Ann Arbour; the ideas of servant
leadership and vision inspired me and I put them into use while serving as
a PTL and working with the community in general.

I'm a supporter of the OpenStack vision prepared by the TC and by this
community. Diversity and collaboration with other communities enrich us,
"constellations" give a clearer message to users and operators, and help
us focus our development and testing efforts in a consistent direction.

On the TC I would focus on a few ares:

- Inclusivity of the OpenStack community: reduce language and time
barriers for contribution. Everyone should feel welcome and have the
opportunity to be successful when working on OpenStack.

- Build our new leaders: it's not enough to welcome new contributors,
we need to help them grow into the community future leaders.

- Cross-project and cross-community testing: help companies bring their
downstream architecture, integration and testing efforts in upstream
so they can benefit from the contributions of others in the community
that want to solve similar problems via OpenStack.

Regardless of the results of this election I will work hard to see the
vision we set for ourselves realised.

Thank you for your consideration.

Andrea Frittoli (andreaf)

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