[openstack-dev] [infra][docs][i18n][ptls] PDFs for project-specific docs with unified doc builds

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Thu Oct 5 13:45:58 UTC 2017

On 09/25/2017 08:50 AM, Doug Hellmann wrote:
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> Excerpts from Ian Y. Choi's message of 2017-09-22 07:29:23 +0900:
>> Hello,
>> "Build PDF docs from rst-based guide documents" [1] was implemented in Ocata
>> cycle, and I have heard that there were a small conversation at the
>> Denver PTG
>> regarding getting PDFs for project-specific docs setup to help translations.
>> In my opinion, it would be a nice idea to extend [1] to project-specific
>> docs with unified doc builds. It seems that unified doc builds have been
>> much enhanced with [2]. Now I think having PDF build functionalities in
>> unified
>> doc builds would be a way to easily have PDFs for project-specific docs.
>> Would someone have any idea on this or help it with some good pointers?
> The job-template for the unified doc build job is in
> http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack-infra/project-config/tree/jenkins/jobs/openstack-publish-jobs.yaml#n22
> It uses the "docs" macro, which invokes the script
> http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack-infra/project-config/tree/jenkins/scripts/run-docs.sh
> I think we would want to place any new logic for extending the build in
> that script, although we should coordinate any changes with the Zuul v3
> rollout because as part of that I have seen some suggestions to change
> the expected interface for building documentation and we want to make
> sure any changes we make will work with the updated interface.

The existing jobs for v3 are here:


Based on my other email about docs and the PTI:


I'd like to make a similar one in openstack-infra/zuul-jobs that doesn't 
use tox but instead just does sphinx commands so that it can be used by 
non-OpenStack folks too.

I think if we can figure out a good way to incorporate translations that 
would be valuable. I don't know if that means a sphinx plugin, or a 
published set of guidelines of "if you are using the zuul 
build-sphinx-docs job and you have translations, put them here and it'll 
all work" ... my hunch is that a plugin would be nice because it would 
locate the logic needed in

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