[openstack-dev] [all] Important information for people with in-repo Zuul v3 config

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Tue Oct 3 19:37:40 UTC 2017

Hi everybody,

The partial rollback of Zuulv3 is in place now. Zuulv2 is acting as your 
gate keeper once again. The status page for Zuulv2 can be found at 
http://status.openstack.org/zuul and Zuulv3 can be found at 

With the partial rollback of v3, we've left the v3 check pipeline 
configured for everyone so that new v3 jobs can be iterated on in 
preparation for rolling forward. Doing so leaves open a potential hole 
for breakage, so ...

If you propose any changes to your repos that include changes to zuul 
config files (.zuul.yaml or .zuul.d) - PLEASE make sure that Zuul v3 
runs check jobs and responds before approving the patch.

If you don't don't do that, you could have zuul v2 land a patch that 
contains a syntax error that would result in invalid config for v3.
Note that this would break not only your repo - but all testing using 
Zuul v3 (in which case we would have to temporarily remove your 
repository from the v3 configuration or ask for immediate revert)!

Keep in mind that as we work on diagnosing the issue that caused the 
rollback, we could be restarting v3, shutting it down for a bit or it 
could be wedged - so v3 might not respond.

Make sure you get a response from v3 on any v3 related patches. Please.


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