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Bhatia, Manjeet S manjeet.s.bhatia at intel.com
Thu Nov 2 00:01:01 UTC 2017

Hello Neutrinos,

I've been trying service profile flavors for L3 in neutron to register the driver,
the method I've been using is below

I have this added to neutron.conf
service_provider = L3_ROUTER_NAT:ODL:networking_odl.l3.l3_flavor.ODLL3ServiceProvider:default

and then tried creating flavor profile
[a]. openstack network flavor profile create --driver networking_odl.l3.l3_flavor.ODLL3ServiceProvider

It returns NotFoundException: Not Found (HTTP 404) (Request-ID: req-6991a8ab-b785-4160-96d6-e496d7667f15), Service Profile driver networking_odl.l3.l3_flavor.ODLL3ServiceProvider could not be found.

Here is trace from log http://paste.openstack.org/show/625178/ seems like resource not found,

But I also noticed in [1]. self.config is {}

[1]. https://github.com/openstack/neutron/blob/master/neutron/db/servicetype_db.py#L55

Any pointers what's being done wrong is it the enabling of service profiles flavor or something else ?

Thanks and regards !

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