[openstack-dev] [tc] Status update, May 19

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Fri May 19 10:09:18 UTC 2017


This new regular email will give you an update on the status of a number
of TC-proposed governance changes, in an attempt to rely less on a
weekly meeting to convey that information.

In this first version, this email will highlight a number of topics
requiring more immediate attention. If interested, you can find the full
list of open topics at:

== Open discussions ==

The discussion around postgresql support in OpenStack is still very much
going on, with two slightly-different proposals up:

* Declare plainly the current state of Posgresql in OpenStack
[https://review.openstack.org/427880] (sdague)
* Document lack of postgresql support
[https://review.openstack.org/465589] (cdent)

Feel free to jump in there (or on the ML discussion at

We are also still discussing the details on new delays around TC voting
(in order to include all feedback before "approving"), as well as what
approval means in terms of required votes. If interested, jump on the
review @ https://review.openstack.org/463141

== Voting in progress ==

We have two items that now seem ready for voting:

* Add Queens goal split out tempest plugins
* Fix comment about design summits [https://review.openstack.org/454070]

== Blocked items ==

Two new project teams were recently proposed.

The first one, Stackube, needs to be set up on OpenStack infrastructure
(and experiment with open colaboration there for a while) before the
proposal can be officially considered. However, we keep the review open
so that the discussion on scope fit with the OpenStack mission can
continue. dims has volunteer as a sponsor for this application, helping
the Stackube team through the process.

The second one is the Gluon proposal. A number of questions have been
asked, and we are waiting for the Gluon folks to address them. We could
use a TC member volunteer to "sponsor" that application, i.e. help that
team navigate through the process and be the preferred gateway for
communication. Any taker ?

== TC member actions for the coming week(s) ==

johnthetubaguy, cdent, dtroyer to distill TC vision feedback into
actionable points (and split between cosmetic and significant changes)

sdague to follow up with mtreinish to see if he will push
assert:supports-api-compatibility to the end

ttx to follow up with mordred to see if he will push
assert:never-breaks-compat to the end [https://review.openstack.org/446561]

johnthetubaguy to update "Describe what upstream support means" with a
new revision [https://review.openstack.org/440601]

ttx, dims to start discussion on official "help wanted" list

dims, ttx to finalize setting up TC discussion channel and defining TC
office hours

johnthetubaguy to update "Decisions should be globally inclusive" with a
new revision [https://review.openstack.org/460946]

johnthetubaguy to consider separating "Stop requiring public IRC
meetings" from parent change [https://review.openstack.org/462077]

flaper87 to update "Drop Technical Committee meetings" with a new
revision [https://review.openstack.org/459848]

dhellmann to post proposal for a policy on binary images publication,
following the thread at

== Need for a TC meeting next Tuesday ==

Based on the current status, nothing seems to require a synchronous TC
meeting to make progress. As discussed at the last meeting, we'll
therefore skip the weekly IRC meeting next week.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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