[openstack-dev] [neutron][networking-l2gw] openstack vtep setup missing docs

Saverio Proto saverio.proto at switch.ch
Thu Mar 30 15:47:09 UTC 2017


I am trying to use the neutron l2gw plugin, but I am not using a bare
metal switch to bridge.

I am using a server with Openvswitch.

Following this documentation:


At one point there is this command:

sudo vtep-bootstrap L5 --no_encryption

This vtep-bootstrap is specific for Cumulux Linux

Anybody has documentation with normal vtep-ctl commands ?

So far on the Ubuntu server I did the following:

apt-get install openvswitch-vtep
ovsdb-tool create /etc/openvswitch/vtep.db

Anyone has more complete documentation ?

I did not understand if the vtep-openvswitch controlled by the l2gw
plugin will make vxlan tunnels to all the compute nodes, to bridge the
tenant network with a physical l2 network ? Or all this traffic has to
pass to the network node also because the vtep openvswitch is not able
to talk to the compute nodes ?

thank you


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