[openstack-dev] Project Navigator Updates - Feedback Request

Jimmy McArthur jimmy at openstack.org
Wed Mar 29 04:55:12 UTC 2017


Thanks for the response. This is a tough one. Currently we're pulling 
API data manually for each project. That is no longer tenable when we're 
talking about 40+ projects. Plus, this is info is something that is 
really sought after by the community. Some thoughts below:
> Brian Rosmaita <mailto:rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com>
> March 28, 2017 at 10:25 PM
> On 3/27/17 5:01 PM, Lauren Sell wrote:
> I don't have a helpful recommendation here, but the version history 
> for Glance is incorrect as well. We maintain a version history in the 
> glance api-ref [0], but that's probably not much help (and, as you 
> point out, is idiosyncratic to Glance anyway). At this point, though, 
> my primary concern is that it's showing a deprecated API version as 
> the latest release. What format would it be useful for you to get this 
> data in?
What we really need is the following:

* A project history, including the date of project inception that's 
included in the TC tags.
* An API history in an easily digestible format that all projects share. 
So whether you're doing micro releases or not, just something that 
allows us to show, based on a release timeline, which API versions per 
project are applicable for each OpenStack release. This really needs to 
be consistent from project to project b/c at the moment everyone handles 
it differently.
> thanks,
> brian
> [0]
> https://developer.openstack.org/api-ref/image/versions/index.html#version-history
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