[openstack-dev] [telemetry] Moving Gnocchi out

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Mon Mar 20 17:07:56 UTC 2017

On 2017-03-20 12:57:17 -0400 (-0400), Ian Cordasco wrote:
> Contributing to OpenStack is intimidating, if not utterly
> discouraging, to people unfamiliar with CLAs and Gerrit. There's a lot
> of process that goes into contributing. Moving this to a friendlier
> (if not inferior) developer platform makes sense if there is interest
> from companies not interested in participating in the OpenStack
> community.

Agreed. Granted these are all things I think we can fix in time (and
we do have ideas or plans to address them), but it's taking a while
to turn the boat around and I can't blame projects for not wanting
to continue waiting it out.

Another point JD brought up in his review response to similar
questions I posed is that a lot of people see OpenStack projects
(rightly or wrongly) as tightly intertwined and assume that to use
any one service you need (at least some of) the others too. This was
a major takeaway from the joint BoD/TC/UC meeting earlier this
month, and the hope is that in the future we'll work collectively
toward making it easier for services to stand on their own and serve
independent use cases (as well as the use cases they serve in
concert today). Some OpenStack services are already there and others
are getting there, so it's a trend we're seeing start to solve
itself anyway.
Jeremy Stanley

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