[openstack-dev] [gluon] Regarding multi-network and multi-tenant support

Georg Kunz georg.kunz at ericsson.com
Fri Mar 3 13:09:45 UTC 2017

Hi Mohammad

> I have question regarding multi-networks and multi-tenants
> Currently Gluon supported only one network and subnet i.e GluonNetwork and GluonSubnet respectively
> which i can see hard code values at path https://github.com/openstack/gluon/blob/aa7edbf878c64829ef2e028c8cd0e5bb36ea1d51/gluon/plugin/core.py #line number 164 and 174
> Please let know if you have plan to add mult-inetwork functionality ?

Thank you for checking out Gluon. The GluonNetwork and GluonSubnet you are referring to do not represent the (tenant) networks that Gluon can support. In fact, the actual (tenant) networks only exist in the respective networking backend (i.e. SDN controller) and are configured through the Proton APIs.

The GluonNetwork and GluonSubnet are currently used only as vehicles to expose the network ports which are configured via Gluon to Nova. Specifically, we collect all Gluon ports underneath the GluonNetworks and GluonSubnet because Neutron ports currently have to exist on a network and subnet according to the Neutron data model. In the networking backend, Gluon ports can belong to different (tenant) networks.

Best regards

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