[openstack-dev] [Sahara] Pike PTG summary

Telles Nobrega tenobreg at redhat.com
Wed Mar 1 15:05:21 UTC 2017

Hello Saharans and other interested parties, here I'm going to try to
summarize our discussions at the PTG and our main actions to continue
improving Sahara in this next cycle.

The whole etherpad can be found here: sahara-ptg-pike

Python 3.5 Migration
This is a community goal and being so we from Sahara are working on meeting
it. We already have support on tests for Python 3 and for Pike release we
aim to have tempest and scenario in conformity with Python 3.5 but CI may
take a little longer to have it working.

Control Pane API endpoints deployment via WSGI
This is also a community goal that we currently support but we still need
to add scenario tests to validate it. Once the test is done and passing we
can announce our support.

API v2 Improvements
API v2 is a WIP that is being on Sahara's todo list for about 2 cycles now.
We aim to deliver as much as possible on Pike release so we made it into
one of our High Priority features. This work is splitted into different
major features and some smaller changes. Our goal is to deliver at least 3
of the major features in Pike and have a number of smaller changes
delivered. We can't guarantee that it will be available in Pike but we want
to have it at a stage that will allow us to finish it up and test it to
deliver it in Queen.

Plugins Updates
Keeping plugins up to date is our major priority to allow users to have the
best services running. In Pike we will continue this work and will update
Storm, Spark and CDH to the newest version and also deprecate CDH 5.5.0 and
5.7.0 and Storm 0.9.2

Sahara Tests
It was proposed the creation of an API for sahara-scenario in order to
allow integration with other frameworks. This work is not high priority but
our idea is to implement a base class that will allow the instantiation of
sahara-scenario to be run.

It was also suggested that we auto-upload images to a CDN. This is a low
priority work but a very important one that will allow users to have easier
access to fully working sahara images. The goal is to have a montlhy job to
create images and upload them.

Other proposed topic was integration of Manila test at the gate. We found
that since the gate don't work with real plugins this might be an issue and
suggested that it could be tested on Jenkis gate using Spark or Vanilla
plugin. Also we need to take a look on how multinode devstack can be set up
at the gate in order to have more resources available.

Other Topics
S3 Datasource integration
We are going through a major refactoring on datasource to allow it to be
more pluggable and once this work is done we intend to have integration
with S3 datasources.

Allow admin to use Sahara API to query/manage all projects
First on this topic is understand what powers and admin role should have on
an OpenStack cloud and we intend to allow it to query all cluster at first
and work on management later. Also we intend to update our policy
implementation to user policy in code feature.

Force delete cluster for Sahara database
We have some issues where clusters sometimes gets into a limbo mode and it
won't be deleted and it just is useless. We want to allow a force removal
of it from Sahara database along side with a call for nova to remove its
This issue can be related to trust and we need to check that first and
decide what is the best action to take.
Also a new state was suggested, DELETE_FAILED to tell the user that real
state of the cluster.

Refactoring CDH plugin
CDH plugin is currently one of our high maintenance plugins and is a very
important one. Updating it today takes a lot of copy/paste work. We intend
to refactor the CDH plugin code to allow an easier update/deprecate work on
the future. We are removing the code for versions 5.0.0, 5.3.0, 5.4.0.

Here is our priorization of our goals for Pike:

   - High:

   - Keep plugins up to date

   - Refactoring of CDH

   - Land pluggability refactoring

   - Testing:

   - Python 3.5

   - WSGI goal

   - Api v2

   - S3 datasource integration

   - Medium

   - Manila testing and integration

   - [tosky] this may require uploading the images to CDN?

   - Allow admin to query all projects (listing part)

   - API for sahara-scenario for framework integration

   - Low:

   - Uploading images to CDN

Thanks all,
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