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UKASICK, ANDREW au3678 at att.com
Wed Jun 14 23:28:30 UTC 2017

Hi Arkady/Leong/Shamail

I don't know yet if I'll be attending the PTG in Denver, but at present, I think that it's unlikely.  If the PWG mid-cycle was co-located with the PTG, then I expect that I'd be able to attend at least the PWG days.

That said, contrary to what I thought in our meeting on Monday, it would work out better for me to have our PWG mid-cycle collocated with the Ops Meetup.



Andrew Ukasick
Principal Systems Engineer
AT&T Integrated Cloud (AIC),  Openstack Community Coordination

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Fellow Product WG members,
We are taking informal poll on how many of us plan to attend
PTG meeting in Denver?

Second question should we have mid-cycle meeting co-located with PTG or with operator summit in Mexico city?

Please, respond to this email so Shamail and Leong can tally the results.

Arkady Kanevsky, Ph.D.
Director of SW Development
Dell Inc. One Dell Way, MS PS2-91
Round Rock, TX 78682, USA
Phone: 512 723 5264

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