[openstack-dev] [rally][no-admin] Finally Rally can be run without admin user

Boris Pavlovic boris at pavlovic.me
Tue Jun 13 20:04:14 UTC 2017

Hi stackers,


Initially Rally was targeted for developers which means running it from
admin was OK.
Admin was basically used to simplify preparing environment for testing:
create and setup users/tenants, networks, quotas and other resources that
requires admin role.
As well it was used to cleanup all resources after test was executed.


More and more operators were running Rally against their production
environments, and they were not happy with the thing that they should
provide admin, they would rather prepare environment by hand and provide
already existing users than allow Rally to mess up with admin rights =)


After years of refactoring we changed almost everything;) and we managed to
keep Rally as simple as it was and support Operators and Developers needs.

Now Rally supports 3 different modes:

   - admin mode -> Rally manages users that are used for testing
   - admin + existing users mode -> Rally uses existing users for testing
   (if no user context)
   - *[new one] existing users mode *-> Rally uses existing users for

In every mode input task will look the same, however in case of only
existing users mode you won't be able to use plugins that requires admin

This patch finishes works: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/465495/

Thanks to everybody that was involved in this huge effort!

Best regards,
Boris Pavlovic
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