[openstack-dev] [all][tc][glance] Glance needs help, it's getting critical

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Mon Jun 12 13:13:46 UTC 2017

On 06/09/2017 01:07 PM, Flavio Percoco wrote:
> (sorry if duplicate, having troubles with email)
> Hi Team,
> I've been working a bit with the Glance team and trying to help where I
> can and
> I can't but be worried about the critical status of the Glance team.
> Unfortunately, the number of participants in the Glance team has been
> reduced a
> lot resulting in the project not being able to keep up with the goals, the
> reviews required, etc.[0]
> I've always said that Glance is one of those critical projects that not many
> people notice until it breaks. It's in every OpenStack cloud sitting in
> a corner
> and allowing for VMs to be booted. So, before things get even worse, I'd
> like us to brainstorm a bit on what solutions/options we have now.
> I know Glance is not the only project "suffering" from lack of
> contributors but
> I don't want us to get to the point where there won't be contributors left.
> How do people feel about adding Glance to the list of "help wanted" areas of
> interest?
> Would it be possible to get help w/ reviews from folks from teams like
> nova/cinder/keystone? Any help is welcomed, of course, but I'm trying to
> think
> about teams that may be familiar with the Glance code/api already.

I'm happy to help here, I just went through and poked at a few things.
It is going to be tough to make meaningful contributions there without
approve authority, especially given the normal trust building exercise
for core teams takes 3+ months. It might be useful to figure out if
there are a set of folks already in the community that the existing core
team would be happy to provisionally promote to help worth the current
patch backlog and get things flowing.


Sean Dague

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