[openstack-dev] [publiccloud-wg] Summary meeting 7th June

Tobias Rydberg tobias at citynetwork.se
Thu Jun 8 09:13:53 UTC 2017

Hi folks,

Here comes a summary from yesterdays meeting for the Public Cloud 
Working Group.

The missing features document now got status and priority columns. 
Definitions for each column will be added during the week as well, but 
pretty self-explaining.

We really encourage you all to add new entries to the list, but also to 
add your company name to "Interested Parties"-column if this is an 
important feature for you. This will make the priority easier and more 

Our goal here is to keep this document as up to date as possible, so 
feel free to add specs, add comments or whatever to help out with that.

We will continue for now with these summary email, and post them to dev, 
operation and user-committee after each meeting. Happy to get feedback 
if you think this is good or not.

Sean Handley was proposed as third co-chair for the group, and accepted 
as well with 100% in favor in the voting =). We welcome Sean, will be a 
great asset for the group to have him even more involved!

The rest of the meeting was discussions around goals for the current 
cycle. Cycle in the case of this working group is "summit cycles", this 
due to that right now not many representatives in the group attend the 

Instead of writing all suggested goals here, I encourage you to visit 
the etherpad for this 
(https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/SYDNEY_GOALS_publiccloud-wg). Feel 
free to add new goals or just add +1 at some goals. Please add your name 
in the bottom as well.

Some good discussions did take place in #openstack-publiccloud - please 
continue to log in there and start discussions between the meetings as well!

Next meeting: June 21st 1400 UTC #openstack-meeting-3

Best regards,
PublicCloudWG via tobberydberg

Tobias Rydberg
tobias at citynetwork.se

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