[openstack-dev] [all] Cleaning up inactive meetbot channels

Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com
Fri Jul 28 17:28:38 UTC 2017

A change to remove these channels is now up at

I'll put this for one week in WIP to give teams the chance to -1 - and
will pop in their channels to tell them about this as well,


On 2017-07-19 21:24, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> For those who are unaware, Freenode doesn't allow any one user to
> /join more than 120 channels concurrently. This has become a
> challenge for some of the community's IRC bots in the past year,
> most recently the "openstack" meetbot (which not only handles
> meetings but also takes care of channel logging to
> eavesdrop.openstack.org and does the nifty bug number resolution
> some people seem to like).
> I have run some rudimentary analysis and come up with the following
> list of channels which have had fewer than 10 lines said by anyone
> besides a bot over the past three months:
>     #craton
>     #openstack-api
>     #openstack-app-catalog
>     #openstack-bareon
>     #openstack-cloudpulse
>     #openstack-community
>     #openstack-cue
>     #openstack-diversity
>     #openstack-gluon
>     #openstack-gslb
>     #openstack-ko
>     #openstack-kubernetes
>     #openstack-networking-cisco
>     #openstack-neutron-release
>     #openstack-opw
>     #openstack-pkg
>     #openstack-product
>     #openstack-python3
>     #openstack-quota
>     #openstack-rating
>     #openstack-solar
>     #openstack-swauth
>     #openstack-ux
>     #openstack-vmware-nsx
>     #openstack-zephyr
> I have a feeling many of these are either no longer needed, or what
> little and infrequent conversation they get used for could just as
> easily happen in a general channel like #openstack-dev or #openstack
> or maybe in the more active channel of their parent team for some
> subteams. Who would miss these if we ceased logging/using them? Does
> anyone want to help by asking around to people who might not see
> this thread, maybe by popping into those channels and seeing if any
> of the sleeping denizens awaken and say they still want to keep it
> around?
> Ultimately we should improve our meetbot deployment to support
> sharding channels across multiple bots, but that will take some time
> to implement and needs volunteers willing to work on it. In the
> meantime we're running with the meetbot present in 120 channels and
> have at least one new channel that desires logging and can't get it
> until we whittle that number down.
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