[openstack-dev] [ironic] Results of the Pike-3 priorities clean-up

Dmitry Tantsur dtantsur at redhat.com
Tue Jul 25 13:34:14 UTC 2017

Hi team!

We cleaned up our priorities on the last meeting. Here are things that we are 
still pushing for (roughly from top to bottom):
* Generic boot-from-volume
* Rolling upgrades and grenade-partial
* Reference architecture guide
* Driver composition reform follow-up
* OSC default API version change
* Physical network awareness
* ironic-python-agent’s REST API versioning
* Python 3.5 compatibility for Ironic
   (note: ironic-inspector is probably for Queens)
* Supported power states API
* Available clean steps API

If we agree on the soft feature freeze in August, these are the things we're 
going to mainly concentrate on (in addition to bug fixes, documentation work and 
small vendor changes).

The following things, unfortunately, were moved to Queens because of various 
reasons (with the most frequent being lack of progress):
* Deploying ironic-inspector with Apache and WSGI in CI
   (note: done for ironic itself)
* Splitting away the tempest plugin
* Rescue mode support
* Neutron event processing
* Node tags API
* Deploy steps
* ETags in the API

Thanks all and happy hacking :)

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