[openstack-dev] [oslo.db] [ndb] ndb namespace throughout openstack projects

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 22:10:10 UTC 2017

Glad you brought this up, Mike. I was going to start a thread about 
this. Comments inline.

On 07/23/2017 05:02 PM, Michael Bayer wrote:
> I've been working with Octave Oregon in assisting with new rules and
> datatypes that would allow projects to support the NDB storage engine
> with MySQL.
> To that end, we've made changes to oslo.db in [1] to support this, and
> there are now a bunch of proposals such as [2] [3] to implement new
> ndb-specific structures in projects.
> The reviews for all downstream projects except Cinder are still under
> review. While we have a chance to avoid a future naming problem, I am
> making the following proposal:
> Rather than having all the projects make use of
> oslo_db.sqlalchemy.ndb.AutoStringTinyText / AutoStringSize, we add new
> generic types to oslo.db :
> oslo_db.sqlalchemy.types.SmallString
> oslo_db.sqlalchemy.types.String

This is precisely what I was going to suggest because I was not going to 
go along with the whole injection of NDB-name-specific column types in 
Nova. :)

> (or similar )
> Internally, the ndb module would be mapping its implementation for
> AutoStringTinyText and AutoStringSize to these types.   Functionality
> would be identical, just the naming convention exported to downstream
> consuming projects would no longer refer to "ndb.<name>" for
> datatypes.
> Reasons for doing so include:
> 1. openstack projects should be relying upon oslo.db to make the best
> decisions for any given database backend, hardcoding as few
> database-specific details as possible.   While it's unavoidable that
> migration files will have some "if ndb:" kinds of blocks, for the
> datatypes themselves, the "ndb." namespace defeats extensibility.

Right, my thoughts exactly.

> if IBM wanted Openstack to run on DB2 (again?) and wanted to add a 
> "db2.String" implementation to oslo.db for example, the naming and 
> datatypes would need to be opened up as above in any case;  might as 
> well make the change now before the patch sets are merged.


> 2. The names "AutoStringTinyText" and "AutoStringSize" themselves are
> confusing and inconsistent w/ each other (e.g. what is "auto"?  one is
> "auto" if its String or TinyText and the other is "auto" if its
> String, and..."size"?)

Yes. Oh God yes. The MySQL TINY/MEDIUM/BIG [INT|TEXT] data types were 
always entirely irrational and confusing. No need to perpetuate that 

> 3. it's not clear (I don't even know right now by looking at these
> reviews) when one would use "AutoStringTinyText" or "AutoStringSize".
> For example in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/446643/10/nova/db/sqlalchemy/migrate_repo/versions/216_havana.py
> I see a list of String(255)'s changed to one type or the other without
> any clear notion why one would use one or the other.  Having names
> that define simply the declared nature of the type would be most
> appropriate.

Well, besides that point (which I agree with), that is attempting to 
change an existing database schema migration, which is a no-no in my book ;)

> I can add these names up to oslo.db and then we would just need to
> spread these out through all the open ndb reviews and then also patch
> up Cinder which seems to be the only ndb implementation that's been
> merged so far.


> Keep in mind this is really me trying to correct my own mistake, as I
> helped design and approved of the original approach here where
> projects would be consuming against the "ndb." namespace.  However,
> after seeing it in reviews how prevalent the use of this extremely
> backend-specific name is, I think the use of the name should be much
> less frequent throughout projects and only surrounding logic that is
> purely to do with the ndb backend and no others.   At the datatype
> level, the chance of future naming conflicts is very high and we
> should fix this mistake (my mistake) before it gets committed
> throughout many downstream projects.

I had a private conversation with Octave on Friday. I had mentioned that 
I was upset I didn't know about the series of patches to oslo.db that 
added that module. I would certainly have argued against that approach. 
Please consider hitting me with a cluestick next time something of this 
nature pops up. :)

Also, as I told Octave, I have no problem whatsoever with NDB Cluster. I 
actually think it's a pretty brilliant piece of engineering -- and have 
for over a decade since I worked at MySQL.

My complaint regarding the code patch proposed to Nova was around the 
hard-coding of the ndb namespace into the model definitions.


> [1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/427970/
> [2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/446643/
> [3] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/446136/
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