[openstack-dev] [all][tc] How to deal with confusion around "hosted projects"

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Mon Jul 3 14:08:51 UTC 2017

On 28/06/17 16:50 +0200, Thierry Carrez wrote:
>Removing the root cause would be a more radical move: stop offering
>hosting to non-OpenStack projects on OpenStack infrastructure
>altogether. We originally did that for a reason, though. The benefits of
>offering that service are:
>1- it lets us set up code repositories and testing infrastructure before
>a project applies to be an official OpenStack project.
>2- it lets us host things that are not openstack but which we work on
>(like abandoned Python libraries or GPL-licensed things) in a familiar
>3- it spreads "the openstack way" (Gerrit, Zuul) beyond openstack itself
>I would argue that we could handle (1) and (2) within our current
>For (1) we could have an "onboarding" project team that would help
>incoming projects through the initial steps of becoming an openstack
>project. The team would act as an umbrella team, an experimental area
>for projects that have some potential to become an OpenStack project one
>day. There would be a time limit -- if after one year(?) it looks like
>you won't become an openstack project after all, the onboarding team
>would clean you up. I actually think a bit more project mentoring would
>serve us better than our current hands-free approach.

I'd say that we should do this regardless. I believe in mentoring and I see
great value in onboarding projects. It's a job in itself and I think having a
team of volunteers doing that would be awesome.

One could argue that, given the current status of some of the teams, it'd not be
wise to create a new one that, well, requires more volunteers. However, I think
that it doesn't have to take volunteer's full time and it'd be great for new

I've mentored new teams and I know a few other folks have done it, including
Thierry. I wonder how many of the currently hosted teams feel they need


Flavio Percoco
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