[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Alternative approaches for L3 HA

Adam Spiers aspiers at suse.com
Wed Feb 22 16:28:40 UTC 2017

Kosnik, Lubosz <lubosz.kosnik at intel.com> wrote:
> About success of RDO we need to remember that this deployment utilizes Peacemaker and when I was working on this feature and even I spoke with Assaf this external application was doing everything to make this solution working. 
> Peacemaker was responsible for checking external and internal connectivity. To detect split brain. Elect master, even keepalived was running but Peacemaker was automatically killing all services and moving FIP. 
> Assaf - is there any change in this implementation in RDO? Or you’re still doing everything outside of Neutron? 
> Because if RDO success is build on Peacemaker it means that yes, Neutron needs some solution which will be available for more than RH deployments. 


With help from others, I have started an analysis of some of the 
different approaches to L3 HA: 


(although I take responsibility for all mistakes ;-) 

It would be great if someone from RH or RDO could provide information 
on how this RDO (and/or RH OSP?) solution based on Pacemaker + 
keepalived works - if so, I volunteer to: 

  - help populate column E of the above sheet so that we can
    understand if there are still remaining gaps in the solution, and

  - document it (e.g. in the HA guide).  Even if this only ended up
    being considered as a shorter-term solution, I think it's still
    worth documenting so that it's another option available to


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