[openstack-dev] [stable][heat] Heat stable-maint additions

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon Feb 20 22:16:03 UTC 2017

Steven Hardy wrote:
> I agree - those nominated by Zane are all highly experienced reviewers and
> as ex-PTLs are well aware of the constraints around stable backports and
> stable release management.
> I do agree the requirements around reviews for stable branches are very
> different, but I think we need to assume good faith here and accept we have
> a bottleneck which can be best fixed by adding some folks we *know* are
> capable of exercising sound judgement to the stable-maint team for heat.
> I respect the arguments made by the stable-maint core folks, and I think we
> all understand the reason for these concerns, but ultimately unless folks
> outside the heat core team are offering to help with reviews directly, I
> think it's a little unreasonable to block the addition of these reviewers,
> given they've been proposed by the current stable liason who I think is in
> the best position to judge the suitability of candidates.

That sounds reasonable to me. I think you should be able to get it
settled with tonyb over beer sometimes this week :)

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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