[openstack-dev] [QA][all] Pike PTG Tempest Plugin Cross Project Session

Matthew Treinish mtreinish at kortar.org
Wed Feb 15 20:26:39 UTC 2017

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to advertise that we will be hosting a 1 hr cross project session
at the PTG next week. We have the Macon discussion room at the PTG reserved [1]
on Tuesday between 9:30a to 10:30a.

The intent of this session is for anyone who is producing or consuming tempest
plugins to discuss best practices, where there are gaps currently, and anything
we need to improve in the future.

We'll also be discussing the merits of and how to move forward with the proposed
community goal to split tempest plugins into separate repos:


There was some opposition to this during the review period and it wasn't
accepted as a pike goal. I think to move forward having a face to face
discussion to address the concerns around this (especially with everyone who
has expressed issues with this) will be useful and productive.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next week.


Matt Treinish

[1] https://ethercalc.openstack.org/Pike-PTG-Discussion-Rooms
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