[openstack-dev] [release][magnum][heat][mistral][rally][requirements] late magnum client release

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Fri Feb 17 16:12:19 UTC 2017

The magnum team has requested a very late release of python-magnumclient
[1]. Given that the request is coming 4 weeks after the client
release deadline, the release team discussed it carefully and decided
we have 3 options:

1. approve the new release and branch from that BEFORE the final
   deadline next week

2. approve the new release and branch from that AFTER the final
   deadline next week

3. branch from the most current existing release before the final
   (the release that was avaialble at the deadline)

The client library is listed as a dependency for heat, mistral, and
rally. Because we are in the quiet period leading up to the final
release, we do not want to introduce extra uncertainty by adding a
new version of a dependency while those projects are wrapping up
their final release and testing. However, we also do not want to
delay creating the branch any later than necessary because downstream
packagers rely on having the branches for their production pipelines.

Considering the balance of those two requirements, and the fact
that the upper constraints list managed by the requirements team
should mitigate most of the risk of the release, we have agreed to
make an exception and allow the new release. The purpose of this
email is to explain the thought process, and to make it clear that
this decision is an exception because of the shortend Ocata cycle,
and that we will not do this for Pike.

Dims has agreed to process the release and look run some tests with
the affected projects today, so watch for news from him if there
are issues.


[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/435241/

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