[openstack-dev] [devstack] [tricircle] Problem in placement-api after installing Tricircle with DevStack

Vega Cai luckyvega.g at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 07:17:50 UTC 2017

In Nova Ocata release, deploying placement API is a must. The nova-compute
service will fail to start if [placement] section is not configured in

DevStack script is updated to generate Apache configuration file for
placement API and it works fine in single region scenario.

However, in Tricircle, we will have multi-region deployment: one node runs
Keystone, Tricircle and other core services(like Nova, Neutron, Cinder),
another node just runs core services and we configure these services to
talk to Keystone in the first node. After updating codes to the newest
version, we find that we fail to boot an instance in the second node.

After digging into the log files, we find the reason is that, the placement
API Apache configuration file generated by DevStack doesn't grant necessary
access right to the placement API bin folder. In the first node where
Keystone is running, Apache configuration file for Keystone already grants
access right to "/usr/local/bin" folder, and this folder happens to be the
same folder placement API bin is located, so placement API works fine. But
in the second node, Keystone is not enabled, so request sent to placement
API is rejected and thus we fail to boot an instance.

One temporary workaround is to manually edit placement API configuration
file in the second node to add the following section:

<Directory /usr/local/bin>
    Require all granted

and restart Apache. We test and it works. Later we are going to submit a
patch to DevStack for this problem.

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