[openstack-dev] [Magnum] PTL Candidacy

Adrian Otto adrian.otto at rackspace.com
Fri Sep 16 19:39:23 UTC 2016

I announce my candidacy for, and respectfully request your support to serve as 
your Magnum PTL for the Ocata release cycle.

Here are are my achievements and OpenStack experience and that make me the 
best choice for this role:

* Founder of the OpenStack Containers Team
* Established vision and specification for Magnum
* Founding PTL for Magnum
* Core reviewer since the first line of code was contributed in Nov 2014
* Added Magnum to OpenStack
* Led numerous mid cycle meetups as PTL
* 3 terms of experience as elected PTL for Solum
* Involved with OpenStack since Austin Design Summit in 2010

What background and skills help me to serve in this role well:

* Over 20 years of experience in technical leadership positions
* Unmatched experience leading multi-organization collaborations
* Diplomacy skills for inclusion of numerous viewpoints
* Ability to drive consensus and shared vision
* Considerable experience in public speaking, including multiple keynotes at OpenStack Summits, and numerous appearances at other events.
* Leadership of collaborative OpenStack design summit sessions
* Deep belief in Open Source, Open Development, Open Design, and Open Community
* I love OpenStack and I love using containers

During the newton cycle I pushed for important changes we made as a team:
* Advocated for a more focused mission for Magnum, resulting in project Zun.
* Advocated for renaming our Bay resource to Cluster.

During the Ocata cycle we will work together on enabling the next generation
of applications with a design for complex clusters, and better integrating
our clusters with OpenStack services for networking and storage.

I am only running for PTL for one project, because I want Magnum to be my
primary focus.  I look forward to your vote, and continued success together.


Adrian Otto

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