[openstack-dev] [magnum] PTL candidacy

Hongbin Lu hongbin.lu at huawei.com
Tue Sep 13 18:35:23 UTC 2016


I would like to announce my candidacy for re-election as Magnum PTL.

My involvement in Magnum began in December 2014, in which the project was at
a very early stage. Since then, I have been working with the team to explore
the roadmap, implement and refine individual components, and gradually grow
the feature set. In the past release cycle, it was my honor to serve as
Magnum PTL and I am happy to continue the service in the next cycle.

Based on past discussion within the team, I believe Magnum will focus on the
following items at the new cycle:

* Life-cycle operations: Add support for several life-cycle operations for
  managing long running clusters. In the short-term, we could add support for
  basic operations like reboot, restart, upgrade, and rebuild. Additional
  operations can be considered in long-term.
* Heterogeneous cluster: Magnum currently doesn't support the ability to
  create a heterogeneous cluster, in which worker nodes are allowed to have
  different configurations (i.e. amount of cpu, memory, or I/O). I believe the
  problem needs to be addressed in the new cycle. As discussed within the team,
  we will introduce a new concept, called node group, to represent a collection
  of nodes with same configuration. As a result, a heterogeneous cluster can be
  represented by a collection of node groups.

In addition, I believe the items below are important and need attention in
the new cycle:

* Kuryr integration: Continue to collaborate with Kuryr team to deliver a
  networking solution.
* Ironic integration: We had great progress at Newton in this area and will
  continue the work in the new cycle.
* Quality assurance: Improve coverage of integration and unit tests.
* Documentation: Enhance documents for operators.
* Horizon UI: Enhance our Horizon plugin.
* Grow the community: Attract new contributors to Magnum.

Thank you for considering my PTL candidacy.
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