[openstack-dev] [kolla] Obtaining version information for Docker container

Paul Bourke paul.bourke at oracle.com
Fri Nov 18 12:02:12 UTC 2016

If I'm understanding the requirement correctly, we want to know which 
version of an OpenStack component is installed in an image? If so why 
not just run something like:

# docker run kolla/oraclelinux-source-keystone:3.0.0 pip show keystone
Name: keystone

Or equivalent for yum/apt. I'm not sure there's a need to implement 
anything beyond what is offered by package management tools.

On 18/11/16 11:51, Steven Dake (stdake) wrote:
> Zhu,
> This isn’t the first time this question has been asked :)
> Since this is a technical matter, I’ve copied openstack-dev for a wider
> audience.  I don’t have a clear solution to obtaining version manifests
> for container content or the upstream container version.  Perhaps
> someone in our broader community may have an answer.
> The best I’ve got is we could add a general shell command that can be
> run with docker exec to obtain a proper version manifest of both 1 and 2
> (formatted in YAML or plaintext).  This could be placed in the base
> container image to enable a general diagnostic and certificate of origin
> tool.
> Perhaps someone has a better solution?
> Regards
> -steve
> From: "zhu.zeyu at zte.com.cn <mailto:zhu.zeyu at zte.com.cn>"
> <zhu.zeyu at zte.com.cn <mailto:zhu.zeyu at zte.com.cn>>
> Date: Friday, November 18, 2016 at 1:56 AM
> To: Steven Dake <stdake at cisco.com <mailto:stdake at cisco.com>>
> Subject: <no subject>
> Hello,nice to meet you. I am a contributor of Kolla.
> Excuse me, I have a question to bother you.
> The question is that how to get openstack component version from a
> running container or image.
> you know , the version info is wrapped by the container, it is not easy
> to get them
> there are two type of versions
> one: version in a image, two: version in a running container
> two is easy, for example , we can get it by calling docker exec...
> but how to get the one, Is there any way, Thanks.
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