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Hi, Shinobu,

Team work leads the project here :)

Gergely also provided use cases from OPNFV:

Or you can directly find it here: http://artifacts.opnfv.org/netready/docs/requirements/index.html#georedundancy

Best Regards
Chaoyi Huang (joehuang)
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 - Shinobu

On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 3:39 PM, joehuang <joehuang at huawei.com<mailto:joehuang at huawei.com>> wrote:
Hi all,

Tricircle was officially accepted yesterday as a big-tent project.

The purpose of the Tricircle project is to provide networking automation
across Neutron in multi-region OpenStack clouds deployment.

Use cases for the Tricircle are described in

A brief introduction of Tricircle is provided here:

Each OpenStack cloud includes its own Nova, Cinder and Neutron, the
Neutron servers in these OpenStack clouds are called local Neuron
servers, all these local Neutron servers will be configured with the
Tricircle Local Neutron Plugin. A seperate Neutron server will be
installed and run standalone as the coordinator of networking automation
across local Neutron servers, this Neutron server will be configured
with the Tricircle Central Neutron Plugin, and is called central
Neutron server.

Leverage the Tricircle Central Neutron Plugin and the Tricircle Local
Neutron Plugin configured in these Neutron servers, the Tricircle can
ensure the IP address pool, IP/MAC address allocation and network
segment allocation being managed globally without conflict, and the
Tricircle handles tenant oriented data link layer(Layer2) or network
layer(Layer3) networking automation across local Neutron servers,
resources like VMs, bare metal or containers of the tenant can
communicate with each other via Layer2 or Layer3, no matter in which
OpenStack cloud these resources are running on.

How to start in Tricircle:
1. The best entry point for the Tricircle project is its wiki page:
https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Tricircle. Source code repository is

2. You can play it through devstack:

3. The design blueprint provides general overview on the ongoing discussion
on the design:

We are trying to tackle common use cases and challenges in OpenStack
multi-region cloud area, We welcome new contributors who wish to join our

We are holding a weekly IRC meeting:
    Weekly on Wednesdays at 1300 UTC, IRC channel: #openstack-meeting
Project IRC channel and other resources could be found here:

And everyone is welcome.

(Neutron subject is also included in the mail title, inter-communication
and collaboration between Neutron and Tricircle is greatly welcome)

Best Regards
Chaoyi Huang (joehuang)

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