[openstack-dev] [kolla] How tied is kolla to matching 1:1 releases of openstack?

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Wed Nov 9 17:28:24 UTC 2016

Hi kolla folks,

As I am (and others at godaddy) are working through integrating kolla 
image building into our jenkins pipeline(s),

Currently the pipeline is the following (taking an example of glance),

# Checkout stage
1. Checkout kolla at X tag/branch
2. Checkout glance at Y tag/branch
3. Checkout internal-deploy repo (which has patches for various 
projects) at Z tag/branch
4. Checkout requirements repo at Y tag/branch (same Y as #2)

# Test stage
5. Create a virtualenv for glance using constraints from #4
6. Run testr and capture the results of tests and make sure those work 
(or fail here)
7. Patch glance using patches from #3
8. Retest glance using same routine as #6 and make sure those work (or 
fail here)

# Kolla stage
9. Setup kolla-build.conf with sections for glance (setup to take the 
glance tested as a local
     directory) and sections for openstack-base (which == the 
requirements repo from #4) and
     create a template-overrides.j2 with various specific kolla overrides
10. Build images (or fail here)
11. Upload images to artifactory (WIP here)

.... Stage next ....

So the general question I have is that kolla has tags/branches that 
match glance and other openstack releases but I'm not really sure how 
tightly bound kolla is to those same tags/branches,

For example right now I am taking kolla at stable/newton but glance and 
requirements at stable/liberty,

This seems to work (ya!) but I don't quite know if this is really 
recommended, is kolla really tied to the same branches of the other 
openstack projects,

With the projects moving to more independent releases is there any 
suggested policy, will kolla work with what project releases?

Some range of releases that will work, won't work...?

Ie, kolla stable/newton for example will work with A, B, C, ... branches 
of [neutron, glance...]?

Should kolla have a known working list, stating the above in some 
location inside of the kolla repo (so people know)?

Thoughts? Comments?


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