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Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Tue Nov 8 12:47:54 UTC 2016


As predecessor PTL for Kolla, I have followed your recommendations 1-4 including this ack, although I am not sure its really necessary for me.  Note, I am not sure Michal (inc0 on irc) wants me to continue as release liaison or do the job himself, so that step has not yet been taken.  I will contact him in the next few days to make sure he either updates the release liaison to himself, asks for a volunteer, or expects me to continue to do that work.  If he expects me to continue with the work, I will do it at last for the Ocata cycle.

In any case, I won’t let the releases slip through the cracks as a result of a PTL transition.


On 11/1/16, 12:45 PM, "Doug Hellmann" <doug at doughellmann.com> wrote:

>As we did for the Mitaka and Newton cycles, I want to start this
>cycle by making sure the expectations for communications with the
>release team are clear to everyone so there is no confusion or
>miscommunication about any of the process or deadlines. This
>email is being sent to the openstack-dev mailing list as well as
>the PTLs of all official OpenStack projects individually, to
>improve the odds that all of the PTLs see it.  I will not be
>taking the extra step of CCing individual PTLs or liaisons for
>future emails.
>(If you were a PTL last cycle, you may want to skip ahead to the
>Things for you to do right now section at the end.)
>Volunteers filling PTL and liaison positions are responsible for
>ensuring communication between project teams happens smoothly. As
>a community, we rely on three primary communication
>strategies/tools for different purposes:
>1. Email, for announcements and for asynchronous communication.
>  We will be using the "[release]" topic tag on the openstack-dev
>  mailing list for important messages related to release
>  management.  Besides special announcements and instructions, I
>  will send the countdown emails I sent last cycle, with weekly
>  updates on focus, tasks, and upcoming dates. PTLs and release
>  liaisons should configure your mailing list subscription and
>  email client to ensure that those messages are visible (and
>  then read them) so that you are aware of all deadlines, process
>  changes, etc.
>2. IRC, for time-sensitive interactions.
>  There are far too many of you (56) to make it realistic for the
>  three members of the release team to track you down
>  individually when there is a deadline. We need you to do your
>  part by making yourself available by configuring your IRC
>  bouncer to listen in #openstack-release. You are, of course,
>  welcome to stay in channel all the time, but you need to be
>  there at least during deadline periods (the week before and
>  week of each deadline).
>3. Written documentation, for relatively stable information.
>  The release team has published the schedule for the Ocata cycle
>  to http://releases.openstack.org/ocata/schedule.html. Although
>  I will highlight dates in the countdown emails, you may want to
>  add important dates from the schedule to your calendar.
>  Some projects have also added their own project-specific
>  deadlines to that list. If you have something unique, please
>  feel free to update it by patching the openstack/releases
>  repository. There is no need to add a project-specific deadline
>  that is the same as the global deadline.
>The Ocata cycle overlaps with several major holidays, including
>the new year. If you are planning time off, please make sure your
>duties are being covered by someone else on the team. Its best to
>let the release team know in advance so we dont delay approval
>for release requests from someone we dont recognize, waiting for
>your +1.
>Please ensure that the release liaison for your project has the
>time and ability to handle the communication necessary to manage
>your release.  The release team is here to facilitate, but
>finishing the work of preparing the release is ultimately the
>responsibility of the project team. Failing to follow through on
>a needed process step may block you from successfully meeting
>deadlines or releasing.  Our release milestones and deadlines are
>date-based, not feature-based.  When the date passes, so does the
>milestone. If you miss it, you miss it. A few of you ran into
>problems in past cycles because of missed communications. My goal
>is to have all teams meet all deadlines during Ocata. We came
>very very close for Newton; please help by keeping up to date on
>Things for you to do right now:
>1. Update your cross-project liaison on
>   https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons#Release_management
>2. Make sure your IRC nickname and email address listed in
>   http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/governance/tree/reference/projects.yaml
>   are correct. The release team, foundation staff, and TC all
>   use those contact details to try to reach you at important
>   points during the cycle.  Please make sure they are correct,
>   and that the email address delivers messages to a mailbox you
>   check regularly.
>3. Update your mail filters to ensure you see messages sent to
>   the openstack-dev list with [release] in the subject line.
>4. Reply to this message, off-list, so I know that you have received it.
>   A simple “ack” is enough.
>PS - If you need help setting up an IRC bouncer, take a look at
>or https://dague.net/2014/09/13/my-irc-proxy-setup/ for a puppet
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