[openstack-dev] [nova] API work for ocata summit session recap

Matt Riedemann mriedem at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Fri Nov 4 20:07:39 UTC 2016

John Garbutt led a session at the summit focusing on some of the API 
work items for Ocata. The full etherpad is here:


API capabilities

We talked a bit about the cross-project discoverable API spec. There was 
also a xp session on that earlier in the week so John was reporting the 
highlights of that session. There is some general consensus on the 
approach, but the details are going to be hashed out in the API WG spec:


The goal for Ocata is just finding agreement in the API WG spec and 
getting that merged so we can start focusing on implementation in Pike.

Proxy APIs

We deprecated a lot of the proxy APIs in the 2.36 microversion in 
Newton, but there are still other proxy APIs left in Nova. Some are 
straight-forward and we've already approved specs to clean them up, like 
the image metadata proxy extension. But others like multinic and 
floating IP actions and security group handling in server create 
requests are more complicated so we've elected to defer those topics for 
Ocata as we have higher priorities.

API extension folding

sdague started doing some of this in Newton and while it's fairly 
mechanical it's not trivial work to do correctly or review, so it's 
probably the type of thing that's going to be deferred to Pike.

API docs

We'll continue working the api-ref cleanups. We now have docs generated 
for the sample policy file in the nova devref. The policy.yaml docs 
could use descriptions for each policy, but we said we wouldn't start on 
that until after the config option cleanup effort is done.

General loose ends and new ideas

There are several random API impacting specs up for review. We didn't 
discuss many of these in great detail. The thing to take away from this 
is we have several approved blueprints already that impact the REST API 
and will require microversions, so we already have plenty to do (and 
review). I'll also make a side note that some of the approved blueprints 
don't have code up for review yet which is concerning.

Some new things that we wanted to focus on for Ocata was json schema 
validation of query parameters, which is something we need to restrict 
server sort/filter parameters. Today you can sort on anything including 
joined tables to the instances table. We need to restrict this in 
general as it's a security issue, but also because of it's impact on 
cells v2 and how we're going to be handling querying instances across 
multiple cells. Alex Xu is working on the spec for the json schema 
validation and Kevin Zheng is working on the fixes.


Not really discussed in the session, but this is the rough list if 
you're keeping track at home:

- query parameter validation
- restricting server sort/filter parameters
- agree on and get the API WG capabilities spec approved



Matt Riedemann

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