[openstack-dev] [neutron][routed-network] Host doesn't connected any segments when creating port

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Tue Nov 1 01:15:11 UTC 2016

hi Zhi chang,

Could you provide your ml2_conf.ini for ovs agent, I guess the reason is that your ovs-agent on host devstack can't handle the related segment id.


在 2016-10-31 18:43:36,"zhi" <changzhi1990 at gmail.com> 写道:

Hi, all.

Recently, I watch the OpenStack Summit video named ' Scaling Up OpenStack Networking with Routed Networks '.  Carl and Miguel made this topic.  I learned a lot of your topic. Thanks. 

But I have some questions about the demo in the topic. 

I do some steps according to the topic. 

First, creating two networks like this:

neutron net-create multinet --shared --segments type=dict list=true     provider:physical_network=physnet1,provider:segmentation_id=2016,provider:network_type=vlan     provider:physical_network=physnet2,provider:segmentation_id=2016,provider:network_type=vlan

Second, I get two segments after creating this network. I get these segments by using " openstack network segment list ". 

Third, I create two subnets by these segments by using this command " 

neutron subnet-create --ip_version 4 --name multi-segment1-subnet [net-id] --segment_id [segment-id]
neutron subnet-create --ip_version 4 --name multi-segment2-subnet [net-id] --segment_id [segment-id]

At last, I want to create a port with host_id. My local environment contains two compute nodes, one is named "devstack"  and the other is "devstack2". So I use this command "  neutron port-create --binding:host_id=devstack [net-id] ". 

Exception happens in neutron server. The exception says "

Host devstack is not connected to any segments on routed provider network [net-id].  It should be connected to one." I can not get this exact point about this exception. 

Why does the "routed network" have relationship with host? 

How they work together between "host info (compute node ?)" and "routed network"?

What should I do if I want to get rid of this exception?

Hope for your reply. Especially Carl and Miguel. ;-)

Many Thanks
Zhi Chang
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