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On 12:54 May 24, Augustina Ragwitz wrote:
Hi Emily,

I'm the Nova Mentoring Czar and we have a Wiki page with a list of
projects that would be good for new contributors:

For Nova, I'd encourage potential contributors to get involved with a
specific project so that mentoring can happen organically. Interested
folks are more than welcome to reach out to me, preferably by email.

There's an assumption here that all projects have things in place to begin
mentoring people. With the people we've spoken to, sometimes just reaching on

[amrith] Maybe Mike is saying that the assumption in Emily's email is that all projects have something in place to begin mentoring people?

IRC gave no answers. This is actually matching people to someone who has
knowledge and is interested/has time to mentor. Even if a match can't be made
right away, communication is made. First impressions with on boarding is key.

[amrith] Yes, first impressions are key and my (unfortunate) experience with mentorship in the recent past has been very unfortunate. I think the website that auggy has put together is a great first impression and I'd like to make something like that for Trove.
Mike Perez

I'm a little confused by your response. I wasn't making any assumptions or intending to criticize this mentorship program. I understood that Emily had highlighted gaps in certain technical areas, of which Nova is one. In recognition of the challenges faced by new contributors, the Nova team had a session at the Newton Design Summit where we discussed ideas on how to address these challenges within our own team. One outcome of this session is that I volunteered for the role of Mentoring Czar. When I saw Emily's original post, I thought this information might be relevant. My intention is to share our resources for new contributors and present myself as a contact point so this information could be provided to participants in the mentorship program that don't have mentors assigned. In fact, if other projects do have things in place for new contributors, it would probably be helpful if they also provided this information to the mentorship program.

Again, my intention was not to criticize and I think any effort to encourage new contributors is a good thing. I apologize if my original response suggested otherwise.

Augustina Ragwitz
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Augustina Ragwitz
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