[openstack-dev] [Nova] change console proxy URL for cells v2 ?

Murray, Paul (HP Cloud) pmurray at hpe.com
Tue May 24 08:33:38 UTC 2016

I am implementing the following spec and have encountered a problem related
to the form of the console proxy URL provided to uses.


The spec changes the representation of the console auth token connection information
to be an object stored in the database, instead of the existing dict stored in memcache 
in the console auth server.

At the same time we are rolling out the changes for cells v2. After talking to alaski
we have decided that the tokens should go in the child cell database because the
tokens relate to instances.

This introduces a small problem. The console URL provided to users only includes
a token, so this is not enough to map to the cell and database that contains the
record related to the token.

The URL for the console proxy is determined by the compute nodes according to a
configuration parameter. So one solution to this problem is to have a different proxy
exposed for each cell and configure the compute nodes with the URL for the
appropriate proxy for its cell.

Another solution, which can actually be implemented after the first, could be to add
some information to the URL resource path that can be used by the proxy to map to
the cell and database containing the token record.

So the question is: what would be an appropriate addition to the URL resource path
that can be used to map to the cell? 
- it could be a UUID for the instance (my favourite)
- it could be something directly related to the cell
- it could be something else altogether

Does anyone have a better suggestion or a preference?


Paul Murray
Technical Lead, HPE Cloud
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
+44 117 316 2527

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