[openstack-dev] [freezer] Newton Summit Freezer Sessions Recap

Mathieu, Pierre-Arthur pierre-arthur.mathieu at hpe.com
Thu May 12 15:16:59 UTC 2016

Hello everyone, 

Here is the recap of what happened during the Newton Summit in Austin
concerning Freezer:

We had one presentation animated by Fausto Marzi (daemontool) and Fabrizio
Fresco (frescof) and as well as four developper sessions.

Overall, we have noticed a large attendance and a big interest from the

We would like to thank anyone who attended one of our session!

Presentation: "From Backup/Restore aaS to a fully DR solution for OpenStack"
  Here is the video: [1]

Session 1 : "Backup your OpenStack infrastructure"
  Etherpad: [2]
  With that session, we had the goal to gather as much feedback as possible
  about what needs to be backed up in an OpenStack Infrastructure.
  Main Features to implement in the future:
    - Support of PosgreSQL backup
    - Support of Elasticsearch backup
    - Support of Ceph (at least cluster map) backup

Session 2 : "Backup/Restore as a Service"
  Etherpad: [3]
  With that session, we had the goal to gather feedback on what freezer needs
  to implement to be a better Backup/Restore as a Service solution.
  We also wanted to start the discussion about scalability which lead to
  talking about deduplication and block-baced incremental.
  Main features to implement in the future:
   - Oslo policy (WIP)
   - Block-based incremental (WIP)
   - Agent deployment automation (Cloudinit, Ansible, Puppet, Chef)
   - Remote backup / agentless (Still under discussion)
   - UX improvment
   - Barbican integration to help with encryption key managment
   - Audit of backups
   - Mistral / Heat integration

Session 3 : "Disaster Recovery"
  Etherpad: [4]
  During this session, we described again the plan we have to provide disaster
  recovery with freezer through freezer-dr.

Session 4: "Contributors meetup"
  Etherpad: [5]
  During this session, we went back on some freezer basics before explaining
  the freezer-agent refactoring that will happen during the Newton cycle.
  We then had a conversation with Saggi Mizrahi about Smaug and its possible
  integration with Freezer.
  We spoke about Ironic-agent based backups that could lead to an easy tripleO
  Last topic was agentless backup which we want to plan during the cycle.

Also, we would like to welcome the team from Cloudbase! They are going to help
us with the microsoft side of the development.

Here is the high level roadmap / priority list for the Newton cycle:
  - Hardening, testing
  - Agent refactoring to add plugins layers
  - Documentation refactoring
  - Providing automation scripts
  - Integration with other projects (Heat, Barbican, Mistral, Smaug)
  - Deduplication and agentless planning
  - Disaster recovery kick-off

[1] https://www.openstack.org/videos/video/freezer-from-backuprestore-aas-to-a-fully-dr-solution-for-openstack
[2] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_austin_session_backup_os_infra
[3] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_austin_session_baas
[4] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_austin_session_disaster_recovery
[5] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_austin_session_contributors_meetup

Thank you for reading, 

Pierre, for the Freezer Team

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