[openstack-dev] [kolla][kolla-k8s] Core team

Michał Jastrzębski inc007 at gmail.com
Tue May 3 16:48:20 UTC 2016


Since it seems that we have voted for separation of kolla-k8s repos
(yay!) I would like to table another discussion (but let's wait till
its official).

Core Team.

We need to build up new core team that will guard the gates on our
brand new repo (when it arrives). One of ideas Steven pointed out is
to add people from etherpad to core team, but I'd like to throw
different idea to the mix, to keep things interesting.

Idea is: let's start with current kolla core team and for the time
being add new cores to kolla-k8s by invitation by existing core
member. For example, I'm kolla core, working with k8s and I see some
guy doing great job and investing time into it, I would propose him
for core, and instead of normal voting, he will get his +2 powers
immediately. This would allow quick core team buildout and not start
with bunch of people who doesn't necessary want to contribute or even
know each other.


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