[openstack-dev] [nova] driver review dashboards

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Tue May 3 11:55:38 UTC 2016

One of the ideas that came up was a morning review dashboard which would
list each driver, and some criteria to indicate it was ready to merge.
This could either be a star by a contact person, or a +1 by some
specific person.

I think it's probably also a good idea to filter by "passes specific 3rd
party CI", though when I did that I found that of VMware, HyperV, and
XenServer... only VMware is currently voting? That seems kind of like a
problem to me when there is the request that more time gets spent on
reviewing these drivers.

Given that no one is yet starring these changes, here is a version of
the dashboard with just a +1 by critical people in each subteam (vmware
is also filtered by +1 on it's CI).

title = Nova Drivers Priorities
description = Review Inbox
foreach = project:openstack/nova status:open NOT owner:self NOT
label:Workflow<=-1 label:Verified>=1,jenkins NOT
label:Code-Review>=-2,self NOT label:Code-Review<=-1,nova-core
branch:master is:mergeable

[section "HyperV"]
query = label:Code-Review>=1,cbelu at cloudbasesolutions.com file:hyperv

[section "XenServer"]
query = label:Code-Review>=1,bob.ball at citrix.com file:xenserver

[section "VMWare"]
query = label:Code-Review>=1,gkotton at vmware.com file:vmwareapi

The net result is the following: https://goo.gl/Q1p2oZ

Even with only using +1, this list is pretty small, especially as there
is a lot of unmergable code in the drivers. We could switch to
starredby: if people want to be more explicit here.


1) is label:Code-Review>=1 good enough? or should we be explicit with

2) should we require +1 on relevant CI? If so, what's the ETA for
XenServer & VMWare getting back in shape

3) are these the right point people for each driver?

I'll figure out a way to get this on a stable URL at some point (so that
owners can be swapped out), but for now I wanted to just get something
out for people to ponder.


Sean Dague

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